Journal of Pure and Applied Ultrasonics


1. Type of Contribution
JOURNAL OF PURE AND APPLIED ULTRASONICS welcomes contributions on all aspects of ultrasonics including ultrasonic studies in medical ultrasonics, NDT, underwater, transducers, materials & devices and any other related topic. Contributions should fall into one of the following classes.

Paper - These should be on original research work contributing to scientific developments. They should be written with a wide readership in mind and should emphasize the significance of the work.

Reviews and Articles - Includes critical reviews and survey articles.

Research and Technical notes - These should be short descriptions of new techniques, applications, instruments and components.

Letters to the editor - Letters will be published on points arising out of published articles and papers and on questions of opinion.

Miscellaneous - Miscellaneous contributions such as studies, interpretive and tutorial articles, conference reports and news items are also accepted. Recommended contribution lengths are: Papers 2000-4000 words. Reviews and Surveys 2000-5000 words; Conference Reports 500-1500 words; News Items, Research and Technical Notes up to 1000 words.

2. Manuscripts  
Manuscripts should be typed on one side of the paper in double spacing with wide margins on A4 size paper. The originals of text and illustrations plus two copies should be provided to facilitate the process of reviewing. Complete manuscript in MS WORD or Page Maker would ensure no mistake. Floppy containing article should be sent along with the manuscript.

Title - Titles should be short and indicate the nature of the contribution.

Abstract - An abstract of 100-200 words should be provided on the title page of paper and review article. This should indicate the full scope of the contribution and include the principal conclusions.

Mathematics - Mathematical expressions should be arranged to occupy the minimum number of lines consistent with clarity e.g., ( x2+y2 )/( x-y )1/2

Illustration - The line illustrations along with captions should be clearly drawn with black Indian ink. Figures in Excel are preferred.

References - References should be referred to in the text by number only. The reference number should be given as superscript. The corresponding reference shall contain the following information in order; names and initials of author (s)(bold), title of the work, journal or book title (italic), volume number (bold), year of publication in brackets, page number, e.g., Sabesan, R., Determination of apparent molar volume from hydration number, J. Pure Appl. Ultrason., 16 ( 1994 ) 18-28.

Units and Abbreviations - Authors should use SI units wherever possible.

3. Reprints
One copy of the issue in which the paper is published is sent to the author free of charges. Reprints may be made available on nominal charges. The order may be placed directly with the printer in advance.