Ultrasonics Society of India

Memorandum of Articles of Association, Rules and Regulations

1. Name of the Society
The name of the Society shall be ULTRASONICS SOCIETY OF INDIA. It shall be a professional non-profit organisation. The Society shall be registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 as applicable to Union Territory of Delhi.
2. Registered Office
The Registered Office of the Society shall be located at the National Physical Laboratory Campus, Dr. K.S. Krishnan Road, New Delhi - 110 012
3. Definations
a) "USI" means Ultrasonics Society of India.
b) "Council" means the Executive Council of USI.
c) "Member" means Life Fellow, Fellow, Life Member, Member, Associate Member and Sustaining Member of the USI unless otherwise mentioned.
d) "President", "Vice President", "General Secretary", "Treasurer", "Publication Secretary" and "Joint Secretary mean the President, Vice President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Publication Secretary and Joint Secretary, respectively of the USI.
4. Aims and Objectives
The Aims and Objectives of the USI shall includes :
(i) To promote and undertake the research and diffuse the knowledge of Ultrasonics.
(ii) To promote scientific and technical cooperation in ultrasonics amongst persons, cooperation and organisation, and
(iii) To cooperate with government and other organisations for formulation of standards, carry out surveys, etc.
5. Membership
The membership of the USI shall be open to all individuals, societies as well as recognised organisations and bodies, subscribing to the Aims and Objectives of the USI, without any discrimination based on sex, race, nationality and membership of other societies and associations, etc.
6. Patrons
An individual with a record of distinguished service to the cause of Ultrasonics and related areas of holding a high office in government can be invited by the Council to become the Patron of the USI.
7. Classes of Membership
Following shall be the classes of the membership of the USI.
a) Honorary Fellow
b) Fellow / Life Fellow
c) Member / Life Member
d) Associate Member
e) Sustaining Member