The Ultrasonics Society of India was founded November 5, 1974 by a group of scientists and industrialists involved in ultrasonics related activities. The main aims and objectives of the Society are to promote research and diffuse knowledge related to ultrasonics and allied areas amongst professionals and those interested in this field. The field includes topics such as, but not restricted to, general ultrasonics, instrumentation, high power ultrasonics, bio-medical ultrasonics, non-destructive evaluation, nonlinear ultrasonics, etc. To this end, the Society has been organizing national and international conferences and symposia, short term courses, seminars and workshops. 22 national Symposia and three international conferences have been organized by USI since its inception. It has organized from time to time special lectures/ talk by distinguished persons in the field. The Society has brought out directories/ handbook of USI members, which included in addition other information about USI and its rules and regulations.

Since 1979, the Society has been publishing quarterly a journal titled 'Journal of Pure and Applied Ultrasonics (JPAU)'. The journal has been running in its volume 40 in the year 2018. The journal is finding listing by the University Grants Commission on its recognized list of journals. Past issues of the journal for the last ten years are available on the website of USI (www.ultrasonicsindia.org). The journal is also being subscribed by a number of libraries and research institutions and is finding coverage in INSPEC, ISSG, BINDT, etc.

The Society has presently an active membership close to 500 members including life members, life fellows, honorary fellows, etc. The membership comprises of research scientists, engineers, university teachers, medical doctors, etc. from private and public sectors. Honorary Fellows of USI include international personalities such as R.W.B. Stephens, I. Malecki, W.L. Nyborg, A. Novicki, etc. besides many eminent scientists from India. The Society has instituted a number of awards in the memory of pioneer Indian scientists, Dr S Parthsarathy, Dr M. Pancholy and Dr T K Saksena, who contributed immensely to the field. These awards are bestowed upon authors of best paper published in JPAU, best paper presented at Society's national symposium and best Ph.D. thesis in ultrasonics every year The awards delivered by the President, USI, at the symposium.