Memorandum of articles of association, rules and regulations




The name of the Society shall be ULTRASONICS SOCIETY OF INDIA. It shall be a professional non-profit organization. The Society shall be registered under the Societies Registration ACT XXI of 1860 as applicable to Union Territory of Delhi.




The Registered Office of the Society shall be located at the National Physical Laboratory campus, Dr. K. S. Krishnan Road, New Delhi-110 012.




a)      “USI” means Ultrasonics Society of India,


b)      “Council” means the Executive Council of USI,


c)      “Member” means Life Fellow, Fellow, Life Member, Member, Associate Member and Sustaining Member of the USI unless otherwise mentioned.


d)      “President”, “Vice President”, “General Secretary”, “Treasurer”, “Publication Secretary” and  “Joint Secretary” mean the President, Vice President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Publication Secretary and Joint Secretary, respectively, of the USI.




The Aims and Objectives of the USI shall include:


a)      To promote and undertake the research and diffuse the knowledge of ultrasonics,


b)      To promote scientific and technical cooperation in ultrasonics amongst persons, corporations and organization, and


c)      To cooperate with government and other organizations for formulation of standards, carry out surveys, etc.




The membership of the USI shall be open to all individuals, societies as well as recognised organizations and bodies, subscribing to the Aims and objectives of the USI, without any discrimination based on sex, race, nationality and membership of other societies and associations, etc.




An individual with a record of distinguished service to the cause of Ultrasonics and related areas or holding a high office in government can be invited by the Council to become the Patron of the USI.




Following shall be the classes of the membership of the USI.


a)      Honorary Fellow

b)      Fellow/Life Fellow

c)      Member/Life Member

d)      Associate Member

e)      Sustaining Member




8.1 Honorary Fellow


An individual or meritorious professional standing in the field of ultrasonics shall be invited by the Council, on the recommendation of a specially constituted panel of three members of the USI, to become its Honorary Fellow subject to the condition that the number of such Fellows shall not exceed 5% of the total membership of the USI. However, the General Body of the USI, on the recommendation of the Council can exceed this limit in exceptional cases.


8.2 Fellow/Life Fellow


An individual can apply to the Council of the USI to become its Fellow/Life Fellow, provided,


a)      One holds at least a post graduate degree in science or a graduate degree in engineering or medicine or equivalent from a recognized University /Institution and has been engaged in the field of ultrasonics for a minimum period of 15 years, and


b)      One has rendered conspicuous service or made notable contributions to the advancement of knowledge in the field of ultrasonics.


8.3 Member/ Life Member


An individual ca apply to the Council of the USI to become its Member/ Life Member, provided,

a)      One holds at least a post graduate degree in science or a graduate degree in engineering or medicine or equivalent from a recognized University /Institution and has been engaged in the field of ultrasonics for a minimum period of 5 years,


One holds at least a Graduate Degree in science or Diploma in engineering or medicine or equivalent from a recognised University/Institution and has been engaged in the field of ultrasonics for a minimum period of 10 years, and


b) One has made significant contribution to the cause and promotion of Ultrasonics.


8.4 Associate Member


            An individual can apply to the Council of the USI to become its Associate Member, provided, one is scientist, engineer, teacher, executive or writer in the technical or industrial field involving ultrasonic techniques or one is well connected with the activities related to ultrasonic field and by whose experience the USI will benefit. The Associate Member is eligible to become Member after having completed 5 years of active involvement in ultrasonics.



8.5 Sustaining Member


            An individual, corporation or organization, having visible interest in ultrasonics and contributing the annual dues as fixed by the Council, can apply to the Council to become its Sustaining Member.




            The admission fee and annual subscription for various classes of the membership of the USI shall be as follows:


Class of Membership

Admission Fee


Honorary Fellow





Rs.100/- (Annual)

Life Fellow/Life Member


Rs.1000/- (One Time)

Associate Member


Rs.40/- (Annual)

Sustaining Member


Rs.5000/- (One Time)

Fellow/Member (Foreign)

US$ 10/-

US$ 50/- (Annual)

Life Fellow/Life Member (Foreign)

US$ 10/-

US$ 500/- (One Time)

Sustaining Member (Foreign)

US$ 25/-

US$ 500/- (Annual)


            These rates of admission fee and annual subscription are subject to revision from time to time by the General Body of the USI on the recommendation of its Council.


            A member, who has paid annual subscription in continuance for a period of 30 years, can seek exemption from payment of subsequent subscriptions by applying to the Council. If a Life Member is elevated to Life Fellow, no extra money will be charged from him/her.




            The application for membership shall be made on prescribed form accompanied by the prescribed non-refundable admission fee. The membership, if approved by the Council, Shall become effective from the date of approval. The annual subscription payable by the new member shall be in full or half corresponding to the half yearly period in which his date of admission falls that is,


1 April to 30 September


1 October to 31 March





            A member shall cease to be so if,


i)                    One is in arrears of subscription for more than 12 months, or,

ii)                   One voluntarily resigns, or,

iii)                 Her/His membership is terminated by the USI for any acts which are deemed prejudicial to the functioning of the USI, provided, one is given an opportunity of being heard in the matter by the Council and two third majority of the total Council members approve the termination.




            A Register of Members shall be maintained by the General Secretary containing the particulars of names and addresses of the members and the fee paid by them. The list shall be updated every 12 months to ensure proper accounting.


            The Council shall file with the Registrar of Societies in Union Territory of Delhi a complete list of members and Office Bearers of the Council every year, as required under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860.




            The membership of the USI is a hallmark of the professional working in the area of Ultrasonics. Rights and privileges of the Members shall be as follows:


a)      Members in all classes of membership may attend the General Body meetings of the USI;


b)      They shall be entitled to vote and hold the Office in the USI, and


c)      They may avail of any facility or the Council may prescribe concession as from time to time.




            All the members listed in the membership list approved by the Council shall constitute the General Body of the USI at any time, irrespective of the class, which they belong to. General Body may meet as many times as necessary but shall meet at least once in a year.


14.1 Annual General Body meeting shall be held at such time and place as may be decided by the Executive Council to transact the following business.


i)                    To confirm the minutes of the previous General Body meeting,


ii)                   To consider the Annual Report for the previous year,


iii)                 To appoint the Auditor for the ensuing year,


iv)                 To consider the audited balance sheet, income and expenditure accounts, the Auditor’s Report and to approve the budget estimate for the ensuing year,


v)                  To elect the Executive Council every alternate year, and


vi)                 To undertake any other business. Any resolution, amendment to the Rules and Regulations or some other proposal for consideration in the General Body meeting shall be submitted to the General Secretary at least two days before the meeting.


14.2 An emergent meeting of the General Body can be called by the President or by a written notice signed by at least 30 members.


14.3  A notice of at least fifteen days for the General Body meetings and twenty days for the Annual General Body meetings shall be given to the members. The quorum for the General Body meeting shall be 50 members or one third of the membership which ever is less. The meeting can be adjourned by the President in consultation with the members present for want of quorum and can be called in order after at least ten minutes when the requisite quorum shall not be necessary.




            The management of the USI shall rest with the Executive Council. It shall consist of the following.






Vice Presidents


General Secretary




Publication Secretary


Joint Secretary




Chief Editor



            The Council, except the Chief Editor, shall be elected for a period of two years. It can co-opt upto a maximum of two members, if needed. The past President and the past General Secretary shall be the ex-officio members of the Council if not elected for any other post.


            The Council shall meet at least once in a year. The quorum for the meeting shall be a minimum of 5 members. A notice of at least 7 days shall be given to call a meeting of the Council. However, the President can call an emergent meeting at a notice of 2 days.


            The President shall preside over all the meetings of the Council and the General Body. He shall be the chief executive officer.


            In the absence of the President, one of the Vice Presidents shall perform the duties and functions of President.


            The Chief Editor shall be a person of repute in the area of ultrasonics who will be appointed by the Council from time to time to take the responsibility for the editorial management of all the publications of the USI. He shall be assisted by the Publication Secretary. In addition, a Publication Committee and an Editorial Board may be constituted, as approved by the Council.


            The General Secretary shall generally be the executive functionary of the USI and shall have the responsibility to maintain the correspondence and records of the Society and to convene all the meetings of the Council and General Body in consultation with the President (or Vice President in the Absence of the President).


            The Joint Secretary shall assist the General Secretary and shall perform the duties and functions of the General Secretary in his absence.


            The Treasurer shall be responsible for all funds, securities and other property of the USI. He shall prepare the annual budget of the USI and be responsible for business transactions of the USI. He shall be responsible for the collection of all dues and shall make financial reports to the Council. He shall maintain day-to-day accounts and shall be responsible for getting the audited annually.




16.1 For furtherance of the Society, the Council may in response to the request addressed to the USI, approve establishment of chapters to serve specified geographical area. Such request shall be signed by at least 10 members of the USI who are residing within the geographical limits proposed for the chapter. A chapter may be formed where the numbers enrolled exceeds 10.


16.2 Each chapter shall conduct its affairs in accordance with the provisions defined in the USI Rules and Regulations.


16.3 The activities of the chapter shall be governed by an Executive Committee. The office bearers of the Chapter Executive Committee shall consist of a Chairman, two Vice Chairmen, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Joint Secretary, and five other members. The Executive Committee shall be elected for a period of two years at the Chapter General Body meeting.


16.4 The Chairman of the Chapter or any member so authorised by the Chairman shall represent the Chapter of the Council.


16.5 The Secretary of each Chapter shall forward to the General Secretary of the USI reports of the meeting and also the audited accounts at the end of each financial year of the USI, but not later than 30th June of the present year without fail to enable the USI to prepare the consolidated accounts for submission to statuary authorities.


16.7 Each local Chapter will be entitled to 25% of the proceeds of the membership subscription towards its expenses. The Chapters are authorised to raise funds for specific purposes with the prior concurrence of the Council. Surplus funds so collected shall be shared with the Council to a maximum extent of 50%.


16.8 The Council may at its discretion close a chapter after giving it a notice of three months for considering any explanation the USI or the Chapter may tender for:


a)      Failure of the Chapter to maintain at least 10 members of good standing,


b)      Failure of the Chapter to hold at least two meetings each year, and


c)      Any activity declared by Council to be detrimental to the interest of the USI.




17.1  All funds and properties of the USI shall be managed by the Council and the money shall be deposited in the account with a scheduled bank approved by the Council and the Council shall be responsible for their safe custody. The USI shall invest all the funds only with the Government or public sector undertakings.


17.2 The financial year of the USI shall be from 1st April to 31st March unless and otherwise changed under directions from Government of India.


17.3 Cheques and other financial documents shall require the signatures of Treasurer and any one of the following office bearers:


a)      President

b)      Vice President (Approved by the Council) and

c)      General Secretary.


If the Treasurer is not available, the Council can nominate one more person out of the above mentioned office bearers.


17.4       All the financial vouchers will necessarily be routed through the General Secretary. The General Secretary will be authorised to incur and approve expenditure on the contingent expenses and other expenses limited to Rs. 500/ at a time. All expenses exceeding Rs. 500/- shall be approved by the president. The expenditure will be within the budget estimate approved by the General Body.


17.5 The Treasurer may have, at any one time, a maximum of Rs. 500/- with him as cash in hand.




18.1  Elections to the office bearers and other members for the Council except the Chief Editor shall be held once in two years in General Body meeting.


18.2 Only those members who do not owe any dues on the day of appointment of the returning officer by the Council and who have been members for at least one year shall be the qualified members for elections.


18.3 The Council shall appoint a Returning Officer from amongst the qualified members in good standing who are not contestants for the particular election.


18.4 The Returning Officer shall issue a notification for election at least 30 days in advance of the subsequent General body meeting inviting nominations for the various posts of the Council. A member can contest, propose or second the nomination for one post only. Nomination shall be proposed by one member and seconded by another member, all of whom are eligible for voting as per the list of qualified members notified by the Returning Officer in advance. The consent of the candidate with his/her signature and date shall accompany the nomination form which should be complete in all respects.


18.5 The Returning Officer after scrutiny of the eligibility of the nominees shall inform all the nominees about the list and give them a chance to withdrawal.


18.6 The Returning Officer shall mail to all the qualified voters the names of all the candidates for elections with appropriate instructions.


18.7 The ballot paper shall not contain the name or any other identity of the voter. The closed cover containing the ballot paper shall have a slip attached to it by the voter, also giving the membership number. This cover shall be enclosed in another cover and addressed to the Returning Officer. The cover will be opened after last date for the receipt of the ballots and the Returning Officer shall verify and then remove the identity slips from the covers before opening the inside closed covers. The ballot shall be counted and all the relevant documents including the signed slips shall be preserved in a sealed cover by the Returning Officer..


18.8 The results of the ballots shall be declared by the Returning Officer in General Body Meeting.